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Forex Factory How To Trade News?

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Forex factory How To Trade News?

We have a very excellent website for confirming the Forex Market News for us. We use the ECONOMIC CALENDAR to get little Ideas about News Release.

Today in this Blog i ll share my Method To analysis the News Trading and How We Can Book Profit From The News.

Is News Trading More Risky or More profitable?

I would say ‘YES’ News Trading is really Little more Risky and sometime its much more Beneficial too so the concept is How We Can Trade It Best?

Can All Traders Do News Trading?

No, Not the Every Traders Do the News Trading by taking help of Forex Factory Economic Ca-lander, We Place our Trade by Risking our Hard Earned Money.
If You are doing News Trading By the DATA provided from Forex Factory than few most Important Points you must care about like

1- Keep your account little Big Account Size.
2- Use Small Lot

What Is Best Method To Trade News?

Many people has own methods and tricks to trade into Forex News Market but here i will share my Own News Trading Method in front of you all. I hope it will be beneficial for all.

As we all know that know one can analysis the exact Working or Reaction of the News Released, Many People things that they can analysis the news that where the Market is Going to SELL or Market Going to BUY, but real thing is no one can Predict the Forex News Market so what we need to do for getting Profit from the News the Point is this.

We ll do the Following Steps…

Forex Factory
Forex Factory

1- Use Pending Orders
2- we ll Buy and Sell the Market.
3- Use Best Money Management
4- Use Small Lot Size.
5- Keep good amount into your Wallet.

please read my next blog for full information Part-2 on News Trading.