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Forex Factory | Learn To Trade AUDUSD Buy?

Forex Factory
18 Nov

Forex Factory | Learn To Trade AUDUSD Buy?

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Forex Factory | Learn To Trade AUDUSD Buy ?

According to all technical analysis like
1- Trendline Setup
2- Head & Shoulder Formation
3- Price Action

all these factors indicating to Buy AUDUSD.

Forex Factory
Forex Factory

As it is eaisly visible that market is now completed their SELL cycle. Just see into the given picture that market is on the fire for Buy trend. Market has broken the Neckline OF Head & Shoulder Pattern and as we all know that Head & Shoulder Neck Area works as Zone Area thats why now zone is broken by the Day Candle.

Earlier market was falling more with following the Trendline, here we can see eaisly that Trendline is now clearly Broken and given good Retracement with Trendline, the next target also market completed with making of Head & Shoulder pattern also check Forex Factory For NEWS Updates..

Its called Bullish Head & Shoulder Pattern, so Market go straight BUY? Yes/No?

No, we need to wait for good retracemnet in daily Timeframe. As we ll get the Retracement is daily than we can eaisly enter into Market for Good Buy.

Do We Need To Set Money Management Here?

YES, please follow Money Management for this thrade as well, place trade with Minium Lot Size and place your atleast 3 TP as given into the picture and enjoy your Profit Pips.

“How To Use Money Management?”

Use 3 lot size with 0.01 lot size as place your TP as given into picture, set Stop loss as given into picture and set TP as given into picture.

Let first the market complete their total retracement with 100% than enter into market with your TP and SL.

“Is Emotion Control Is Important?”

Trading Involves the risk and fear so please “Invest that much of Money which you can afford” Trading is Technical and Fundamental Analysis so we we need to understand that market is market that why never place your trade with Big Lot size.

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Happy Trading.
Bharat sharma