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Forex Factory| Learn To Trade CHFJPY Buy?

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Forex Factory| Learn To Trade CHFJPY Buy?

Forex Factory Learn To Trade For CHFJPY Buy?

So from the new strategy, now we are able to understand that what is the market is going to do as it opens on Monday.

Our new strategy is very easy to use as I explained in the previous post .

so the same condition I am able to see Into CHF JPY by chart so according to the method,
first we will go to the daily timeframe chart of CHFJPY.

open the daily chart time frame now we are able to see that there is a formation of of hammer is taking place , now on Monday if the formation of same hammer is take place in H4 timeframe then we will understand that this is the opportunity to buy the market for CHF /JP Y.

We will not enter into the market until we will get hammer in H4 timerame because in this method we should must follow 2 confirmations.

The first information we get from Daily timeframe and II information we get from H4 time frame so he formation of hammer in both time frame is must must necessary for our accurate trade.

Now we will place our take profit and stop loss for CHF /JPY.

Forex Factory
Forex Factory

so as we will get the hammer we will set a stop loss near to the tail of the hammer and we will place our take profit with 1 is to 2 ratio or 1 into 3 ratio or 1 is to 4 risk reward ratio.

CHF JPY , We need to take care as we can see that in daily time frame there is a formation of Hemmer is taking place but the colour of hammer is red so we have little confusion in mind that is the buyer is totally ready or not that is why we will take second confirmation with H4 time frame if we get proper Hammer in H4 timeframe then it’s a exact confirmation to buy into the market and collect some good profit pips from the market.

Forex Factory
Forex Factory

also you can check our forecast and technical analysis on the basis of live market running and if you are interested to learn how to trade news trading then you can read our previous blog on Forex Factory news trading strategy we have shared our Forex Factory news trading strategy in to previous blog so it will help you I hope and don’t forget to share our Block with your friends it will help them to understand the better market Traders Trusted Academy is available for you where you can learn to trade on long term and short term.

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