Forex Factory Live Chart GBPJPY

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Forex Factory Live Chart GBPJPY

As most of the people know on which Forex Strategy i want to trade..!! Yes Guys.. i Love 100% Level Retacement Level with Fibbonacci Level Trading.

Here in this Technical Analysis again i will expalin why i am going with the sell On GBPJPY?

Why GBPJPY is on SELL?

Forex Factory
Forex Factory

I would like to add few important points which i think for necessary for SELL the GBPJPY.

1-GBPJPY in H4 Time Frame Making Lower Lows which is totally indicating that market wants to go more and more SELL.

2- Another Most Important that 100% Retracement Level is followed in H4

3- Most important for 3rd point confirmation is coming with RSI (Relative Strength Index)

Try to analysis the RSI of GBPJPY chart in H4 Timeframe You will get the Exact Idea why i told for Sell GBPJPY.

4- We should not miss the major zone Entry here Again,

As you can see that market is Ready to sell on the Major Sell Level, if we try to check out the previous Major level than we ll find out that this level will work as the Strong Resistance For GBPJPY.

So these whole things confirms our Entry for GBPJPY sell level Entries.

Is Risk Reward is Fine For GBPJPY Entry?

Yes, Absolutely good question that How is the Risk and Reward Ratio is there For GBPJPY? I will say we are getting 1’6 Risk and Reward Ratio for Gbpjpy.

You can Easily see into the Live Chart analysis that we have taken 3 Take Profit and each take profit has a mivement od 50 to 60 PIPs from the Market.

I would say the best deal for selling the GBPJPY currenct pairs as the Market Opens on Monday.

GBPJPY is High Volatile Currency Pairs to be little Aware from the News, If you are able to see the News in that same day, Please Check Economic Calendar From the Forex Factory and always be always be aware of the News.

If You Have Any inquiries Please feel free to talk with me.