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Forex Factory Live Market Analysis AUDCAD

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Forex Factory Live Market Analysis AUDCAD

Many People wants to Make Money Online From Forex and lot of people are searching for the Best Forex Strategies Online,

In This Post i ll share my one Personal and favorite Strategy which i use every time.

What is 100% Fibonacci Level Retrenchment Level?

I always prefer to BUY or SELL the Market when Market retrace 100% of Fibonacci Level, i will must suggest to all that if you are still searching for the Best Forex Strategies Online please Follow my this Strategies, it will make you Profitable always.

What is Benefits Of Using This Strategies?

1- Small Stop Loss
2- Risk Reward Ratio 1’2/ 1’3/1’5.

So, Friends we will see in the Live chart of AUDCAD what i want to say regarding this Forex Strategy.

Forex Factory What Live Analysis Says For AUDCAD?

Forex Factory
Forex Factory

AUDCAD is following the Lower Lows into market so we can easily understand that Market is going to sell for Small Time frame as well as for Long Time Frame.

2nd Most Important factor to sell the AUDCAD is we are getting a Pinbar Candlestick which is making us Confirm to sell Entry Into Market.

What should be Take Profit and Stop Loss?

As we all knows that in my Forex Trading style we focus on the High Risk Reward Ratio as we are getting easily Good amount of Risk Reward Ratio.

We have kept 2 Take Profit in this Trade with good amount of Risk and Reward Ratio.

Is major Zone Working here?

Many people has good experience in Forex Trading they must know about that Major Zone Trading, actually major zone is big responsible for the Movement into market. In AUDCAD Live Forex Factory Chart we can see that Market is respecting the Major Zone so its also a great Indications to sell the Market.

If you have any doubts remain please come to inbox and do me one favor to share these information with all your friends.

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