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4 Mar


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There are various type of online trading system and methods are available for trading.
Trading is also categaries into Long period trading and Intraday Trading.

Long Period Trading takes time but it is good for consistant profit and too much less risky, some people like short period of trades which is called Intraday trading.

Few Methods Has Written Below Regarding Types Of Online Trading

Price Action Trading.
Rebate Trading.
Pattern Trading.
Momentum Day Trading.
Market Making.
News Trading/Playing.

Which Method Is Most Preferable By Traders?

Every method is perfect for Trading in Forex but the fact is that which strategies is well suiting to you.

Still if we follow our Professional Traders, they says that in this world of Trading everything is fake and only Price Action Forex Trading is always best for everyone.

My Experience is also recommend to the people that Price Action Forex Trading is Best into the world. If any trader wants to be a successful in Forex Trading, they must need to learn the price action Forex Trading.

What Is Price Action In Trading?

As from the above name the whole trading is depends ont he price into the Forex Market, like traders focus on the Higest and the Lowest Price of the Currency, or the peak value or lowest value for the currencies.

How To Understand Market Price, What It Means?

For understanding the Price into the Market, first you need to consider your self as a shop keeper or investor, what does the shop keeper do, they just buy the their Products at low Price and sell into the market at high price.
Is it as simple to make Profit with just buying at low and selling at high?
No, Not at all the main reason to Increment or Decrement into the Price of the product is totally depends upon the Supply & Demand Concept.