What Is Forex Trading

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What Is Forex Trading?

Everyone in their life, they must give a try for Forex Trading and creat href=”http://www.traderstrustedacademy.com”>What Is Forex Trading?
well, Forex Trading is an International level Trades Exchange on their Rate with their Cross Pairs Currencies.

What is Forex Trading?
“Forex is also known as Foreign Exchange Trading, FX or Currency Trading, is a non-centralized global market where all the world’s currencies trade across each other. The forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the worldwide with an average daily trading volume exceeding $5 trillion dollars. It’s really Huge, Isn’t?

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So, why we should Choose Forex Trading and Why we must Know that What Is Forex trading and yes, why it is necessary to know that what is the need of Knowing What Is Forex Trading?

Well, let me explain one by one..

There are a huge number of Forex Traders who have changed their Life by Trading forex, they were poor before Forex and after that what they did is really interesting..

One more question which arises is can everyone become Rich from Forex Trading?
I will say only 10% are the people who are successful in Forex Trading Market… so what about others and why is 90% failing?

Forex has a Money Game and where Money comes also there emotional comes…
Generally, people take 2 to 5 Years to make Control on their Emotions when they Trade Forex Market.

it means Experience & lot of Practice is required to become a Successful Trader In Forex.

Few Questions Like

1- Can Everyone do Forex Trading?

“YES” everyone can do Forex trading but one Condition is your Age must be 18+.

2-Can Everyone Make Profit From Forex?

As i told before that only 10% people are successful traders in Forex Trading.

3- Why only 10% of people are successful why not all?

Money comes with emotions, before start to Trade Forex Market, I will strongly suggest to Learn it first then start to trade it.

4-How Much Time is needed to learn Forex Trading?

Generally, the answer is ” We Can’t Say”
because all these abilities depend on the new Beginners like how he is taking the concepts seriously or not?

What Is Forex Trading
What Is Forex Trading

Is he practicing in DEMO account or not?

Is he learning their strategy or not?

What is the Accuracy Of their Strategy?

5- What is Strategy?

No one in this world is 100% Traders what only we can analyze the 90% movement of the Forex Market. Strategies are the Method which Helps us to make our Entries To The Forex Market and also it helps to Exit From The Market.

6- What are the Best Strategy To Learn for Forex Trading?

All Professional Traders follows that “PRICE ACTION” strategy to trade the Forex Market.

7- How Much Amount is required minimum to start in Forex Trading?

we can start forex trading with only 200$.

How Much Profit we can make it From Forex?

It depends on your Lot size, generally, we make 20 to 30% growth in our capital account.

Which Broker is Good?

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